Dear ESOL Colleagues:

As part of the sessions of our May ESOL
conference we will have some time to come together and [[#|share]] successes
and list any challenges we are encountering in our ESL instruction.
Please use the following guiding questions to prepare your responses
ahead of time for our collegial sharing times at the conference.

Guiding questions:

What is a favorite ESOL lesson or project you love to
What new strategies have you successfully employed this year in your
ESOL program?
In which areas would you like more support in re: ESOL
speaking, reading, writing,listening, pronunciation, multi level instruction,
project based learning, [[#|technology integration]], other ???

Bring your thoughts and ideas to [[#|share]] in May!
We look forward to building our ESOL community!

ESOL Conference 2013- Agenda


  • May 15th Soup and Bread Supper 6:00-8:00

  • Jacqueline will present ESL experience in Laos (20-30 minutes)
  • Katya will present volunteering project video (15 minutes)
  • Participant sharing
    • Participants will be sent questions and ideas for sharing prior to the conference
    • Ellen [[#|will create]] guiding questions for evening to share successes and challenges
    • Questions will be sent via the Wiki

  • May 16th Meeting Day
    • [[#|Immigration]] presentation and questions (8:30-10:00)
    • Activity One: Share Across America Projects
    • Explore Wiki and ELL U with participants
    • Round table
      • Address challenges that were shared in the evening (brainstorm solutions)
    • Introduce alternative assessment to Best Plus

Pre Meeting Activities

May 15th and 16th - Helena OPI