Dear ESOL Colleagues:

The following list represents the "very first" timeline for a state-wide collaboration of project based learning with technology integration!

Please use the dates below to help your site organize and plan your region's project. Our goal is to incorporate each site's work into our spring ESOL conference in April.

The intention of the project was not to be too prescriptive in our our assignment approach, but if you need any ideas for regional student projects, please feel free to contact Katya.

Last week of October: Using the project learning template on the MT ESOL Wiki, please fill out and submit you site's project plan to Katya.

November-February: Students work on their regional project themes we will upload onto the wiki.

March: Use this month to bring closure to your regional project and compile highlights of project in a powerpoint to share at the April ESOL conference.

Also brainstorm with students and compile a list of lessons learned and skills gained in the process.

April: As a sectional at our one day Spring ESOL conference in Helena, ESOL teachers will share their projects as related to the book, Across The US.We are excited about the collegial discourse and exchange that this new format will provide us in our professional development as we strive toprepare our ESOL students for 21st Century skills!